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•Having my home Feng Shui-ed, shifted the energy in my home,
creating more grounding and balance. Joanne spent 4 hours analyzing
my home and gave me a list of things to do, in order to achieve this
shift. I was in the process of selling my home, but when this new energy permeated my home, I had an alternate choice to remain in my home
by refinancing. The windfall of money that I received, along with the
energy shift, was realized and beneficial. As I am on the path of spiritual evolvement, I know that my personal growth is reflected in my personal
space, my home, where I regenerate my energy and soul. Mahalo and
God Bless, Cherilyn, Makakilo

•My experience w/our Feng Shui consultation was very helpful.
Yes, at first my home didn't have a warm feel to it. Everything in my living
room is black and adding the right color pillows for the couch made it feel
warm and cozy. Also by making a few adjustments, i could feel the energy
shift especially in the bedroom, changing the color of the sheets gave it
a calm feeling. Before the bed looked undone, tired, and messy, by just
adding a comforter made the bed look inviting and complete. Thanks again
for the consultation! Kim, Kaimuki

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