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•I just wanted to say what a powerful and immediate difference in
energy flow, grounding and balance
there is in my living space, even
before I take the other steps you advised to improve it even more.
Not only did you problem solve my limited space and "too much stuff"
issues, you actually were able to creatively use many things I already
had that I had just never thought to put together in the way that you
did, and to put them in the places you did. I kept saying, "Wow..."
but I meant it! And every step of the way, you made sure I had the
final say and felt comfortable with each change. Thank goodness you
were professional, enthusiastic, resourceful, practical and an unofficial
counselor, too. It was such a good experience that I feel inspired to
actually continue with the "letting go" of items and with improving my
space in the ways you suggested, one step at a time. The tune-up to my
space has been like a tune-up to me personally...thank you so much!
—Kathy Y.

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