During our consultation, I will walk through and assess the energy in your environment. I will provide recommendations necessary to help shift the energy and create a more balanced, harmonious environment using what you already have, as well as adding more elements.
     Each consultation is specific to the individual needs of that environment. The knowledge provided will be to enhance the energy in areas that is needed, as well as what the client would like to focus on.
     To find out more about Feng Shui, or if you are interested in a consultation, please feel free to contact me.

      $90.00 (Studio)
      $135.00 (1 bedroom, 1 bath)
      $180.00 (2 bedroom, 1 bath condo or townhouse)
      $225.00 (2 bedroom house)
      $270.00 (3 bedroom house)
      Inquire for more rates and for business rates


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