I began with Reiki (Reiki certified) in 2004 and knew immediately that I wanted to help people in whatever way I can. Since then, in 2007, my journey has taken me to a 12-day intensive healing school learning energy healing massage, where I became a certified healer. With determination to share what I have learned, my decision to proceed on my path with healing led me to massage school. Through that door, I was guided to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, certified in Lomilomi.
     The latter of 2008, I signed up for an Intensive Feng Shui course (Feng Shui certified), where I have learned to help people balance the energy in their environment, which also has a direct affect on the physical and mental body. A balanced environment takes your life on a whole new level, where you feel a renewed sense of development of your “self”.
     Our lives continue to attract the same type of situations and emotional issues until we resolve and learn from them. Energy work has helped resolve many of these issues for me. It’s like peeling through layers of an onion, going deeper and deeper into the core. During this process, life improves as we heal ourselves from these issues, and things start to flow more smoothly and effortlessly, as we become more in tuned with our higher self.

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